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8 AM - 4:30 PM
Master Bath Renovation - The existing floor plan provided access to the master bath via a door placed in the middle of one of the master bedroom walls, the door opening into the bathroom.  Above the bath  entry door, an architectural feature was built, this feature provided a decorative shelf area and provided light and ventilation between the master bedroom and bath. To the right and left of the bath entry door, individual oak bath vanity cabinets with sinks, brass hinges/handles and single wall mirrors.  The color scheme was a Rose color, with man made "cultured" marble counter tops, shower surround and bath tub. 

Entry to the master bath water closet required walking into the bathroom from the master bedroom, turning right at the tub and walking through a door that opened into the the water closet. Once inside the water closet, the commode (toilet) was placed to your left and a linen closet with it's own entry door was built into the backside of the master bedroom wall. The linen closet door opened into the water closet, to access the linen closet, you had to shut the water closet door and open the linen closet door.  

Adjacent to the shower stall and vanity is the entry door to a walk in closet.  White wire closet shelving, with the same carpet used in the master bedroom was used in the bath area. The water closet had small 6" white ceramic flooring. The ceilings were textured white ceiling paint. Single wall sconce light fixtures above each vanity, a ceiling light fixture above the tub area and a light / fan fixture above the shower stall area and commode.

Floor Plan / Layout, Demolition, Framing, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC Rough In, Wall Insulation, Drywall Changes
All existing fixtures, vanities,counters, sinks, tub, shower surround, light fixtures and ceiling exhaust fans where torn out.  Electric circuits were added or changed for GFI outlets, recessed ceiling lights, vanity wall sconce light fixtures, shower / bath ventilation, water closet ventilation and lighting; Insulation / Air Seal of exterior walls was completed with a vapor barrier added of 6 Mil mylar plastic.

The entry to the bath room was moved from the center of the master bedroom wall to the right hand side of the wall. A new entry door was framed in where the linen closet used to be, and the old entry door to the bathroom and the decorative nook area above the old entry door where closed up via framing and drywall. The entry door to the water closet was moved to where the old linen closet entry door framing area was and a new water closet entry door was installed which opens into the water closet directly adjacent from the new entry door area to the bathroom.  This change allowed the water closet to remain the same size, yet increase the wall common to the bath tub, which in turned allowed the wall common to the bath tub / master shower stall to be increased in width.  This increased width allowed an increase to the width of the replacement bath tub and the master shower stall. Bigger tub, bigger shower stall area, than before. 

Plumbing rough in changes were made for a new single vanity cabinet with double sinks.  The replacement tub selected required plumbing changes to  the water lines, and the drain had to be moved, the master shower was upgraded to a (1) rain shower head and (3) additional body spray head (s) with single master control adjustment trim fixture. This required plumbing changes to the master shower plumbing wall common to the walk in closet. The existing window was torn out and replaced with a Vinyl Energy Star rated privacy Glass Block style picture window. The wire racking system in the walk in closet was torn out and replaced with a custom closet system.

The master shower area was completely torn out down to the slab, a new cement mud bed was installed with rubber leak proof membrane, The height of the common wall between the master shower stall and bathtub was was lowered which allowed a larger shower stall glass panel to be installed. Prior to installation of the wall tiles, the shower stall and bath tub walls where sheathed in Hardi Tile Backer cement under layment, seamed with vinyl mesh and tile cement. Crown molding trim with decorative corner transitions was installed prior to the tile installation.

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