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Energy Efficiency Information

Energy Efficiency or Home Weatherization: There is a direct link between unnecessarily high utility bills and uncomfortable, drafty homes. NPB can make these homes healthier and more comfortable. We can write an energy efficiency prescription for every home starting with diagnostics that determine unique “low hanging efficiency fruit.” These weatherization measures improve air quality, reduce outside noise incursion, eliminate drafts, correct hot/cold rooms, and reduce utility bills by 25-50%! Our Building Performance Institute training gives NPB the expertise to correct the toughest home energy issues.

The most common energy measures we use to weatherize your home include:

HVAC Duct Seal: Seal supply & return ducts to stop conditioned air leaks at ducts before air reaches rooms. Duct sealing HVAC system also prevents dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens from entering your home. 

Whole House Air Seal: Mid-South homes leak air. These leaks must be sealed inside and out, starting with the attic, then the basement/crawlspace, and finally the main living area.

Insulation: TVA/eScore recommends a minimum R-40 insulation value for this climate.

Miscellaneous Items: Install smoke and CO2 detectors, switch from incandescent light bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs, and vent all bath fans through soffit or roof.
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Neighborhood Pro Builders’ move into energy efficiency in 2007 made perfect sense. Dave & Tom realized that most homes in Memphis were far from “excellent” when it comes to comfort, air quality, safety, & energy efficiency. Dave's training as a BPI Building Analyst, general contractor’s knowledge, & oversight of NPB crews guarantees quality workmanship, increased home value, improved comfort & better air quality in all NPB projects.
Increasing A Home’s Value Through Energy & Efficiency Upgrades
May 10th, 2016 by Rocky Mountain Institute 
Originally published on RMI Outlet.
By Rachel Gold

It turns out that one of the most valuable remodeling options is one you can’t see. That’s the conclusion of the recent Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine, which compares the average cost for popular remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale value in 100 different U.S. markets. For the first time, Remodeling included an energy efficiency measure—fiberglass attic insulation—and the results were a great indicator of the value provided by energy upgrades.

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